Monday, March 2, 2009

Let's Try This Again

After realizing I have not posted on my blog in a while I thought, "what the hell? Let's try this again!" So I just want to comment on some stories in the news. First, spring training is in full swing finally. After watching the Indians play earlier and looking at their roster, three things come to mind.

1. What the hell happened to our rotation??? If our hopes of getting 6+ innings out of starter rests in the hands of Carl Pavano, we may be in trouble! Think about this, the Yankees got rid of this guy because he lost his stuff. So, unless he is a magician and can make things appear and disappear at the drop of a hat, I don't suspect he found his stuff and is going to carry the load this season.

2. Why is Kerry Wood our closer? Granted, he did make the All-Star team last year, it's still frustrating to see the team making the same mistake over-and-over. If you want a true closer, look in the farm system and grow one! Relying on closers who are in the latter stages of their career is a recipe for disaster, and it has not brought a championship to Cleveland.

3. Why is Matt LaPorta not on the 40-man roster? This is the top prospect we traded our #1 starter, CC Sabathia for at the trade deadline last season, and he's not even on the 40-man roster? I'm no expert, but if I traded away the best pitcher Cleveland's seen this decade and then the guy we traded for ended up elsewhere the following year, fans might get pissed! Even the video games would call that questionable!

Speaking of which, (cheap plug alert!) the new MLB games for 09 are out this Tuesday. The San Francisco Giants Tim Lincecum is on the cover of 2K Sports MLB 2k9; Boston Red Sox Dustin Pedroia is on the cover of MLB 09: The Show, which is exclusive to the Sony brands. I have a PS3, so I'll be looking for The Show. I played both last year, and I still can't stand the game 2K Sports keeps putting out. I don't see them making the changes to put that game on top of the market, and the only reason it will sell better is because it will be on every current generation console. When does that exclusivity deal end, anyway? It can't be soon enough!

I have to talk about Manny Ramirez. Why? Well, when someone is greedy about money, I feel like I should stand up and say, WHAT THE HELL??? In this economy Manny has decided that very substantial offers from the only team who's bidding on him, the Dodgers, is not enough? Read that sentence again. Does that make sense to you? Let's see if we can put this in perspective. Let's say you were window washer. And let's say your contract with A-1 Washers expired Jan 1st and you were making good money after spending several years at BRS Cleaners. But you grew tired of BRS and purposely did a lousy job in your final year with them. Now, A-1 wants you back. But you raised your asking price and now not even Steam Frank Gigante wants to sign you because you're just too expensive and after your experience at BRS, you can't be trusted. A-1's offered you three deals but each one is met with your agent saying, "More money and more years." Don't you think A-1 should just tell you to stick it and let you sit on the sidelines making nothing? Let's see what happens to all those sponsorships and investments then!

Hmmm... I seem a little angry there. Let's end on a fun note (and a another cheap plug). As you may know, I'm a wrestling fan. With it being WrestleMania season, it's great to hear that a new video game is coming out this month with legends from WWE. The game, Legends of WrestleMania features stars from the '80s and '90s. You can relive the famous Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant match from WrestleMania III, or the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock match from WrestleMania XV that launched the biggest rivalry of the "attitude era." And the list of legends in this game is impressive: Undertaker, Ted DiBiase, Ulimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, Legion of Doom, Yokozuna, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Jimmy Hart. This one is quickly crawling up my wish list, and if you would more info on it, including the complete roster, head over to

One last thing, I'm trying to find some good blogs for baseball card collecting as I'm restarting my favorite old hobby. If you have one, or write one, please let me know and I'll be happy to link you once I get that part of the site fixed.

OK, final thing. If you're wondering what's up with all this "What the hell" stuff that's going on throughout my blog, I have just the person for you to ask. That would be my buddy David Funk. He's much better at explaining it than I am, plus he's good to talk sports with. Any Sooners fans will want to add him to your blog roll, trust me on this one. And don't forget to check out our Basic Bloganomics site where you can read both of us, including new BWE & EBW blogs! Thanks everyone!


maxi said...

well, i am a wrestling fan, too (perhaps 'D Funk told you about that already). my boyfriend, too. he even was interviewed last week about his love for wrestling as it's considered to be a weird interest here in sweden. his interview's gonna be published on the sunday newspaper in town. and i thought.. that's going to be cool. and hmm. i guess that at some point, my name's going to be mentioned on the interview but i still don't know why. my boyfriend says it's going to be a surprise. hmmm.

anyway, there's a point in a blogger's life when you get tired of posting stuffs. you know. like when you want to get away from your computer for awhile and do other things. i had been there many times and will surely be going through some more in days to come.

anyway, good to know that you are back to blogging. keep it up!

Paul H said...

So you're the Maxi that David Funk warned me about! He's been telling me how great you are! It's nice to see how right he is!

I think with blogging it comes in waves. There are times when it feels right and the ideas spill onto the screen. Then there are times where you just don't feel like it. I'm glad I've caught the wave again!

There's nothing wrong with being a wrestling fan! In fact, I just went to a WWE TV show, Raw & ECW, at end of January and had a great time! I was going to post pics of the show that I took, but the only decent ones were shots of the video screen! When it comes to taking pictures, I'm a jabroni!

Thanks for reading!

David Funk said...

Yes, Maxi has become one of my best blogger friends in the world. She's good at what she does, and her engaging personality is appreciated, too. Glad to see she stopped by here.

I agree fully about the "blogging life". Every single one of us has our times when we just don't want to post. Thankfully, I had a long vacation in December that got me completely away from it which helped in a huge way.

As you know Paul, wrestling has been with me since the Mid-South days in Oklahoma. I've been to so many live wrestling events, that I couldn't possibly tell you how many I attended. There's nothing in world like seeing it live either as you know.

I don't understand the LaPorta move either. This is looking more like another blunder by the Indians as well as extreme desperation in getting rid of Sabathia. It's really hard to figure the Indians out because I can't tell if they're building to win now or later. The Sabathia trade looked like they were going for the future, but then Pavano comes aboard to the team.

As far as card collecting, I would check fanofreds profile or site. He's linked to many card collectors that would help you out:

Nice post buddy!

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

the wrestlers I'd love to use would be The Great Muta and DEMOLITION

sounds fun

Paul H said...

Dave- Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to make sure to add fanofreds to the Blog Roll. He's got a knack!

3rdStone- I don't want to disappoint you, but Muta & Demolition didn't make the final cut for the game. Let's hope they make it into next year's game (if there is one).