Sunday, April 12, 2009

Special Awards & A Story

I am going to try and knock out as many of the tags I have as possible in the next week, and there's a lot! First, I have this really cool award from my buddy The Funkster on Basic Bloganomics, who also came up with the second tag I'll be working on in this edition of the Soapbox. Here's the first one.

That is a very cool award called the Blogger Trophy Award. Very cool. I'm going to pass this along to all of my friends who have stopped by to visit. If you've ever read this site (and thus are reading these words now.) feel free to grab this really cool looking trophy.

The second tag is a little old, but it's taken me a little while to get this one done. It's especially close to my heart being this is a sports blog, I want to make this sports tag very important.

This is the WBE Sportsmanship Award! WBE stands for World Blogging Entertainment which is a name created by David Funk used to recognize excellence in blogging, and has annually named a Blog of Courage Award winner every year since 2006.

WBE Sportsmanship Award is given to ANY blogger for showing the following qualities:
*Kindness to all bloggers
*Courtesy to others
*Respects the opinions of bloggers
*Displays a sportsman-like attitude
*Addresses and debates any topic with professionalism
*Motivates or supports other bloggers
*Strong leader and community builder.

The Rules for the WBE Sportsmanship Award:

1. Talk about your favorite sports team or teams. List what team you like, where they are from, what league they play in, and why and how you like them.

2. If you don't have a favorite team, then talk about your favorite player or players in other sports. Any sport can be talked about, and not just team sports.

3. You can talk about favorite teams and players that are no longer playing if you choose.

4. Download a picture or logo of your favorite team or teams so that other countries around the world can see them. Or provide a picture of your favorite player or athlete.

5. You can add more information about any teams you talk about to help other cultures understand more about them.

6. Nominate at least five bloggers for this award, and let them know you tagged them.

7. Link back to this post and the person you received this award from.

8. Come back and leave a comment on this post so that your name can be added to the list of those who received this award. This is also done so that others can refer back to this entry, and read other entries throughout the world that they may have missed.

Favorite Team: Cleveland Indians baseball team
From: Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
League they play in: Major League Baseball, American League, Central division.

Why I Like 'Em: This is going to be fun, because as I write this my favorite team has yet to win a professional baseball game in the year 2009. That sucks. I am a die-hard Cleveland sports fan, and I blame that on my family & friends. Being a Cleveland sports fan is like enjoying pain. See, Cleveland teams raise losing to an artform. Ever watched a baseball game where your team had a 10 run lead? Felt comfortable, right? Not for Indians fans! We look at that and say, "Nope, we need 5 or 6 more!" As funny as that might sound, it's not really a joke. The reason I love the Indians and will happily be in attendance for two games this season is the passion the fans have for the team, and the passion I have for the team.

I come from a poor family, so I didn't attend my first game until I got a job and paid for the tickets myself. But the few games I have attended are very special to me. I won't highlight them all, but I want to point out one game in particular. I believe it was August of 2004. I had heard talk all week on sports radio of this guy, Grady Sizemore, being called up to the major league roster and he would get to play "any day now." I heard great things about him and I wanted to see him play. He was not in the starting lineup. "Crap!" Well, at least I get to watch a game against the White Sox. Suddenly, a hellacious rain releases from the heavens (oooh, irony!) and drenches the field. "Crap!" We wait, and wait. An hour and a half later they tell us the game will be played. "Cool!" Maybe we can at least out-hit the Sox? Mark Buehrle of the White Sox pitches a no-hitter through 6 innings. "Crap!" Well, at least I'm on SportsCenter! Hey Omar Vizquel just hit a bloop single. "Crap!" Well, maybe we can start a rally, a get on the board. 12-1 looks much better than 12-0. Double play. "Crap!"

Not the best game in world right? Until I hear over the PA, "now playing in center field, Grady Sizemore." Yes! And you could tell even in the one inning he played in that game he had the star potential. I proudly keep the scorecard from that game, because I can say that I saw Grady Sizemore's major league debut. I've followed him ever since, and I am happy to say I was there. I have not been to the ballpark in 3 years, but that will change later this month when I see the Indians take on the Boston Red Sox and in May I get to see the defending American League Champions the Tampa Bay Rays. And thanks to a great promotion from the Indians and my wonderful family's help, I've got the best seats I've ever had at the ballpark. Behind home plate for the Tampa game, and 15 rows back from the field for the Boston game!

Why do I like the Indians? I don't. I love them, and I always will for the great moments, the history, and the joy they bring me even when they're down. Being at the ballpark is an experience you never forget, and I'm greatly looking forward to the next two trips to see my beloved Tribe.

I'm going to do the tagging portion of this show a little different. I'm putting it up for everyone to grab. This has easily been one of the most fun tags I've done, and I want everyone to get a chance to try it. So show your love of your favorite sports team and take this tag!

And don't forget to check out the newest BWE Throwdown! on Basic Bloganomics! Some very unique matches took place, and yours truly even stopped by to leave a comment or two. It's a very good read, so if you have not already, click over to Throwdown!


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